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eM is an innovative and effective tool designed to help you and your people take control of your finances. Harnessing the power of AI and hundreds of hours of financial training by FCA regulated advisers, eM is ready to support your employees and members.

As a virtual money coach, eM is always available to chat and offer guidance on a variety of financial issues, including budgeting, saving, and managing debt. eM doesn’t provide any regulated advice but is equipped to talk an individual through how to create a budget, tips for managing household finances and support in reaching a financial goal.
Using advanced AI technology and machine learning algorithms, eM is able to guide you through every step of your money problems and signpost relevant and approved services at appropriate times.

Whether an individual needs help with debt consolidation, budgeting, or simply wants to learn how to save money, eM can provide them with the resources and guidance needed to succeed. And unlike traditional financial advisers or money coaches, eM is available 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere, making it easy for somebody to get the help they need when they need it.

With eM, a person can chat with a virtual money coach without the fear of being judged or feeling embarrassed about their financial situation. It is an ideal solution for those who prefer to receive money advice and guidance through a virtual platform rather than over the phone or in person.

Recent case uses of eM:

  • It helped a 38-year old man improve his financial health by drafting a letter to creditors, to negotiate a lower monthly repayment on a personal loan.
  • It guided a 22-year old woman through the process of creating a sustainable household budget.
  • It calculated how a 27-year old man should tackle his mounting credit card debt and then provided guidance on which one to pay off first to save the most interest.