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Unlock your financial potential with Munny’s 1:1 Money Coach Service. Designed to provide personalised support and guidance, our service empowers individuals to take control of their finances and achieve financial wellbeing.

Tailored Conversations, Transformative Results

Engage in informal 1:1 conversations with our experienced money coaches. These personalized sessions allow you to openly discuss your unique circumstances, financial goals, and challenges. Our attentive coaches listen, offer expert guidance, and provide strategies to help you navigate your financial journey. The outcome? A comprehensive Munny Plan crafted for you

Structured Guidance for Lasting Impact

Complementing the informal conversations, our service includes a structured 6-part series of 30-minute 1:1 money coach sessions. Delve deeper into specific financial topics and gain valuable insights and tools. Develop essential money management skills, understand personal finance concepts, and receive ongoing support to ensure you stay on track to achieve your financial aspirations.

Empowerment Through Expertise

With Munny’s 1:1 Money Coach Service, you gain access to our team of qualified professionals who possess extensive financial expertise. Benefit from their knowledge as they guide you through financial challenges, signpost solutions, and help you make informed decisions. Our goal is to empower you to build financial resilience and create a prosperous future.

Take Charge of Your Finances Today

Discover the transformative power of personalized support, practical strategies, and a comprehensive Munny Plan tailored to you. Unleash your financial potential and embark on a journey toward financial freedom with Munny by your side.

We’re really happy with the 1:1 money coaching service and how it’s benefited our team. They have raved about the personal support and guidance they’ve received, helping them take charge of their finances. The money coaches have been like trusted allies, empowering our employees to tackle financial challenges, set meaningful goals, and make confident decisions. I can’t recommend this service enough to any company looking to support their staff’s financial growth and success

Emma Dinnen, Relationship Manager